R5-X2 at CIII

Well for CIII I decided to repaint my R2D2 to a more colorful paint job so it would stand out amongst all the droids there, and what better then a bright red droid, so I decided to go for R5-X2 Jabba's personal gambling droid.

this was also my chance to practice my weathering skills, and as you can see there is a great difference between pictures, as the weathering really brings out the details, i tried to keep it a bit like to the original R5 as seen in EPI.

The only trouble was I had 2 weeks to build the dome.

so I made flat templates and cut those out of thin styreen sheet,and is made up of two layers,the middle ring is made up of resin parts I moulded after making the one parts and copying it several times, the eyes are also made the same way, last I used an old radio antenna on top I still had laying around.

The tubes were made with some left over aluminum tubes I still had and I used some pictures to get it to look a bit like the movie version.


original ILM R5X2
click for larger version
the dome has two wooden support rings, the styreen is very sturdy when glued to each other and I don't think it would need further support, the Lazy Suzan really adds to the strength , as you can see from the inside shot that the ring is made of separate segments, and attached to each other, each segment is made up of the six circels and one separator, the tube details are made from aluminium tubing cut in small pieces, inside the eyes I used some plastic mirrors to simulate light, and it works great, they are screwed on the inside with three small screws so they can't be taken off by kids.